11 Aug, 2023

The objective of the Cardiff Excellence Project phase 2 was to consolidate production of Ambient and chill carton production at the Cardiff site by expanding  of the site to accommodate 4 new production lines and the relocation of 2 line existing lines from Manchester site (Federal and Galdi Lines). The expansion  involved the building of a new office building.

The Scope of the project included:

  • New office building with workstations, laboratories, welfare facilities and  engineering workshops.
  • 2 palletiser systems
  • 4 New production lines are in scope of Phase 2 include 2 ambient mini  carton and 2 New Chilled lines
  • A unit capable of running two thirds of raw material cold  store sprefrigerationace as chilled (4.5°C) or frozen (-18°C).
  • Finished Goods chill warehouse and refrigeration unit with space for  1000 pallets maintained at a temperature of no higher than 4.5°C.
  • Utility supplies, plant and pipework designed to support all the above,  plus standby plant to ensure continuity during breakdowns or  maintenance.

Our Role:

  • Oversee Design Review
  • Oversee HAZOP Studies
  • Assemble PCI
  • Review PCI at regular intervals
  • Review PC Submissions
  • Provide Site Residency to oversee Design Installation
  • Provide Site Residency to Support Princes in the delivery of the Principal Contractor Role.

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