When more than one trade contractor is working on a project, the Client is required to appoint a Principal Contractor.

We can provide skilled operatives seconded to deliver the Principal Contractor Role in isolation and assume this risk on your behalf using our team of skilled practitioners.

The Principal Contractor will:

  • Plan, manage, monitor, and coordinate the entire construction phase.
  • Take into account health and safety risks to site workers, visitors, and members of the public.
  • Work closely with you and your Principal Designer.
  • Prepare and regularly review the Construction Phase Plan.
  • Undertake Site Safety Inspections and Fire Risk Assessments.
  • Engage with contractors and workers about their health, safety, and welfare.
  • Ensure welfare facilities are in place and correctly maintained.
  • Check workers’ competencies to avoid risks to health and safety.
  • Provide training and site-specific inductions to workers.
  • Prepare, review, and update the Health & Safety File.

Ensure your project runs smoothly with a Principal Contractor who has the right skills, knowledge, and experience to carry out their duties effectively to keep your project safe, compliant, and on track.