Our Site Inspection regime covers all industry sectors and is inclusive of Fire Safety Inspections. We also conduct inspections for bulk materials handling process, process plant environments and food sectors in which we currently operate within a variety of CDM & Project Management Support roles.

Additionally within the inspection regime we cover the following areas:

  • House building
  • Highways
  • Jetty and Marine structures
  • High Rise City Centre
  • Aggriculture
  • Process Plant environments
  • Cement and aggregate sectors
  • Internal fit out
  • Leisure and Retail
  • Food and Beverage Sectors
  • High Risk environments falling under the control of major accident hazard
  • Inspections of proposed sites under pre development

In any of the above sectors or disciplines, we can tailor an inspection regime to your requirements and deliver our findings on a qualitative or quantitative basis. Our working mantra is to align with the client need and assess behaviours, conditions, systems, processes and people accordingly. We look forward to understanding any requirement you may have and can customise an inspection regime based on bespoke requirements that may not be included in the above list.