Within the Group Diversification, we have now established a Project Management Arm specifically to complement Principal Designer and our Pre-and Construction Phase Services Portfolio.

Our Project Management Team has now expanded and supports a range of Public Sector and Private Investment Schemes. Our working mantra is to add value through a multi-disciplined approach which ensures delivery to remit, programme, cost, and contractual requirements are adhered to by all appointees.

We specialise in longer-term residency appointments that allow us to act in the interests of the Client and through our daily activities, including measuring and monitoring performance, we provide early warning, and reporting to the Client on all contract matters arising.

Importantly, within our Project Management provisions, the edict is to ensure Client protection through accurate reporting, diligent practice, and the delivery of the project safely, on time and within budget.

We can supply Project Management functions for housebuilding, engineering, bulk materials handling, and food sectors. More recently, we have supplied Project Management resource for remediation projects on high-rise building projects post-Grenfell.

Within our existing appointments across all sectors, we offer a significantly reduced Principal Designer Service cost upon the placement of suitable candidates in the role of PM. This effectively provides a one-stop shop but also offers economies of scale to the Client with both cost savings and one point of contact for multi-disciplined activities. This model works effectively on many of our present schemes and is an area of provision where we wish to be different to our competitors through the allocation of multi-skillset people. We have case studies to demonstrate this model in operation and can provide suitable references.

We would be happy to discuss any requirements that you have at your convenience and illustrate how increased quality and cost savings can work in tandem to the best effect. Within this process, we look at all remit activities across the disciplines and typically what they cost. Through the allocation of the right person(s) coupled with a resume of how our back-of-house service supports the person(s) on the ground, we are able to validate the process in operation. Alluding to the earlier comment, the case studies and references offer the necessary comfort that the manner of approach is innovative.

Our Project Management allocations are rationalised on the technical delivery requirements, with our candidates appointed accordingly.